Geeky Guys: The Early Years…


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My first real toe dip into the pool of Geekdom began during the 90’s. Each day I would come home from school and sit from 5 – 6 in front of the TV and watch Star Trek The Next Generation. This then obviously led me onto DS9 and Voyager. It was around the year 2000 when I encountered Dr Who for the first time. The UK Gold TV channel was showing the Tom Baker years and each week they would show the full story around 3am. This of course meant firing up the old VCR and recording it to watch the following day. Up to several years ago my geekiness comprised of watching the shows and films, collecting merchandise and playing computer games. However I was then introduced to a guy called Dave and then going to conventions happened.

The geekiness continues……


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My first foray into the world of geekiness occurred when I started to play BBC Micro (text type)adventure games during my school lunch break with a friend of mine, most other kids were out on the playground playing British Bulldog, Tag or Peanuts! so we were kind of seen as the geeky, nerdy kids, who sat inside looking at a computer screen desperately trying to find the wizards lair, it was around this time that I also got into Fantasy & Sci-Fi literature, reading books like The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings, Time Ships & The Shannara Chronicles, at home I had started watching Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy on BBC2,    this was usually aired around 23:30 to 12:00 at night & so I usually had to either record it on or VCR or watch the repeat at some point over the weekend.

In 1989 I started to watch two programmes which would quickly become very important to me, these two shows were Doctor Who & Star Trek: The Next Generation, I was immediately impressed with both of these shows, both very well written & had excellent cast’s, great stories, distant worlds, what more could a young geek in his formative years need?…